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What about the asymmetric/offset carbon bike rims?

Asymmetric rim, also can be called off spoke bed rim. The basic point of asymmetric rim is that it allows spoke tension to be similar between drive and non-drive side. It can be build up into a more durable, stronger and stiffer wheel.

As typical symmetric rim, the right side flange is closer to the center of the wheel than the left side flange. That means the right side spokes are a bit shorter, and the spoke tension is higher than the left side. This difference in spoke tension means the wheel is weaker than it could be. To compensate for this difference and create a more linear and symmetric functionality, our engineers have developed special asymmetric rims to solve that. Asymmetric rims help to fix the issues by drilling the holes off center to reduce the disparate bracing angles and the spoke tension between drive and non-drive side. So that the spoke tension is more balanced and makes the wheel stiff, stronger and more durable. For a better understanding, check out the following picture.


 Interesting in the  stiffer and stornger asymmetric 29er 33X30mm rims?     

                                     and 29er offset rims 28X25mm carbon MTB rims?