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◆ 10 benefits of cycling, how much do you know?

Bicycles were designed as a kind of transportation when they came into the world. However, they become fitness supplies for body-building nowadays.

The benefits

1.  Strengthen your body

(1)    Cycling can prevent brain aging and improve the agility of the nervous system. The modern sports medicine research shows that cycling is a sport dominated by opposite side, alternating two legs pedal can make the left and the right side of the brain function to be developed at the same time, thus it is able to prevent the prematurity aging.

(2)    Cycling will improve cardio-pulmonary function, enhance muscle strength of lower limbs and the body’s endurance. This sport can not only benefit the 3 joint of lower limb hip, knee, ankle and 26pairs of muscles, but also the muscles like neck, back, arms and so on.

(3)    Cycling is helpful to lose weight. Because cycling is cyclical aerobic exercise, so you can burn more calories when you are riding.

2.   Bicycle is one of the best tool to overcome cardiac function faults. More than half of people die of heart disease in the world. Cycling can compress the flow of blood by the movement of legs and pump back the reserve from peripheral blood vessels to the heart. Meanwhile, it strengthen the microvascular tissue, this is called “collateral circulation”. Strengthen blood vessels can protect you from the treat of age and make you stay youth.

3.   Habitual cycling will expand your heart. If you don’t do sports often, the blood vessels would become more and more gracile, and the heart will degenerate day by day. Cycling is a sport needs a lot of oxygen, so it can strengthen the heart and restore the normal function. You should let your heart beat fiercely, but not too long. So it will be able to adapt to the emergency situation.

4.   Environmental protection. As we know, the air quality is getting worse because of the large number of automobile exhaust emissions. On the contrary, there is no exhaust by bicycle, so cycling can do some contribution to our blue sky project.

5.   Safe. There is no big problem to collide with others by bicycle, a smile, a sorry can just solve it, and the person is right generally. But if you drive a car or a motorcycle, it is terrible to have an accident.

6.   Simple. You don’t need to prepare too much when you want to ride a bicycle. At any time, any speed, any place, you can enjoy it. You can cycle alone or have a trip with others.

7.   Save money. The money you buy a car can buy many bicycles. And it’s not a big deal to lose a bicycle.

8.   No traffic jam. Traffic jam is every big city’s problem. But that’s not a big problem to cycling, you can drive freely on the bicycle way.

9.   Improve the sexual function. It can stimulate the secretion of the estrogen and androgen to cycling 4-5km every day. Thus enhance the sexual function, that is helpful to sexual harmony. Proper exercise will secrete a hormone, this hormone makes you open-minded and cheerful. According to the experience, cycling can produce this hormone.

10.  Prolong your life. One statistics showed that the postman’s life is the longest among the various occupation personnel thanks to they often ride a bicycle when they are working.


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