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OEM Painting

Nowadays, many carbon fiber bicycle companys in Xiamen do OEM, the main reasons are as follows:

Ø China is a traditional manufacturing superpower, labour cost is low. Therefore, the products are quality assured and they’re high cost performance;
ØThe big brands only focus on design and market development, so they can be free of the most complicated processing manufacturing business to achieve win-win  cooperation.
Ø The OEM is responsible for processing, to ensure they’re unique it won’t sale the products with same design .Boostbicycle company consists of many insiders. They have worked in big factory for more than ten years and accumulated abundant experience. This business has accounted for more than 50% of our turnover.
The following is a cooperation case:
The characters of this mountain bike
Ø Take the latest design for reference, the rim edge is straight, easy to assemble.
Ø Layers covered in different angles, and adhere with the opposite side, so the strength is high.
Ø Higher strength.We promise: under the same weight, its strength is higher than the industry average.
Ø Good appearance, no wrinkle and it’s not disheveled.
Ø There are many options, like XC, AM, DH and so on, can meet different people’s need.

We are glad to undertake OEM orders

Ø When you have a mature and excellent design, welcome to entrust us with processing.

Ø We promise that your product is unique in the market, we just help you to process the product, your own design will never be sold or imitated.

Ø You should be responsible for the cost of work tools , mold design and manufacturing.

Ø You will get more competitive price.

Ø When you order more than 500 pieces, the cost of mold design will be returned to you in one-time.

Ø If you have this demand or want to know more about our OEM service, please send your design( cross section of the product) in .DWG ,.AI or .PSD file to the email info@boostbicycle.com

Ø Our company has produced carbon fiber wheels for a international brand, this business accounts for more than 50% of total turnover.

We also offer OEM Paintting Job. Here shows some pictures on our logo for reference. Behind them are the actual cases that we had done according to the customers' demands.
                                                                                                                For  carbon  rims
   50mm carbon clincher with unicolor painting, the orange        Classic black and white, although common, never        60mm carbon rim with grey font and a bit of green pattern,
   font makes it striking and passionate.                                         out of date.                                                                   looks dynamic with the fresh color.
                                                                                        For  carbon  frames


If you want to do painting job, don't hesitate to do as below:

Ø Send your design (.AI or PSD files) to info@boostbicycle.com

Ø Or send your logo to me, we will design for you.

Ø Sample order is ok

Ø More color on your design means more costly,so please choose better design to save the cost.

Ø For painting job delivery time need about 15-20days more or less.